Monday, March 1, 2010

Odds & ends

These frames are from two different storyboard assignments that I did for New York clients. I only found a couple of frames, but they pretty much represent my typical fast rendering style which I developed to manage the tight deadlines that I was usually involved with. I had a reputation for meeting very tough deadlines and that kept me quite busy. The last year that I worked doing storyboards every assignment was an overnighter. The deadlines were getting outrageous and I finally decided to give up after over 40 years of doing storyboards. I did try doing frames on the computer but it just took me a lot longer than rendering them with markers.

This couple doesn't look to happy, I don't remember why as I couldn't find the rest of the frames. Because of the tight deadline I didn't even have time to paint in the grill or add highltghts with white paint.

Perhaps they didn't want to go to this party.

A farmer and his dog out for a ride on the tractor.


It's amazing the variety of assignments I used to be involved in, from automotive to yogurt, many would require finding proper reference material, I did have fun with most of the work. Obviously this type of pressure work can be quite a challenge.

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