Thursday, March 25, 2010

The importance of self promotion

I can't say enough about promoting oneself in the business of commercial or fine art. These are extremely competitive fields and Art Directors or galleries are rarely going to seek you out, artists must find a way to show what they can do. I had Diane Boston of Way Art in New York and Bob Fischer of Chicago representing me, but in other areas such as Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco and various other cities I promoted myself by sending out small posters and brochures. This type of promotion can be done on the internet, but mailing actual material seems more potent as the Art Directors are prone to tacking the pieces on their wall where others would likely see them. Here are a few of my promo pieces and I will post them for a couple of days.

Poster Alt
Every Art Director often deals with horrendous deadlines, they want to work with artists that are experienced and can deliver high quality work quickly.

In this piece I deal with the problems of delivering the finished renderings, as I can deliver anywhere in the world over the internet.

This piece shows a rough sketch, a line drawing, a black and white frame as well as a color frame.

Here I show a variety of comp and storyboard work done for various clients.


Randall Ensley said...

Harry, you're the man! I love reading your blog and you are so dedicated to posting.


Harry Borgman said...

Thanks Randall,
I'm pleased that you are enjoying my blog, it's a fun project and I'll probably keep posting even when I run out of comp and storyboard material.