Friday, February 26, 2010

Other uses for marker renderings

Marker renderings are great for any type of presentation. Below is a presentation that I did for the City of Emeryville Civic Center sculpture competition. the presentation was mounted on large styrofoam boards and included a few photos of the models that I built out of wood and metal

Sculpture 3
My cat Jpeg wants to get in on the act and this gives you an idea of how large the presentation was.

Sculpture 1

These renderings were 8 x 15" and were done on high quality layout paper. I did not win the competition but it still was a fun project to be involved with.

Sculpture 2

Being able to do comprehensive renderings has come in very handy at times. When I was an Art Director at Campbell Ewald on the Chevrolet account we had to prepare ideas for ads to present at meetings I often had an edge as most of the other Art Directors could not do comp renderings.


Laszlo said...

Very nice renderings there Harry.I was thinking you're cat was part of the presentation,nicely rendered in marker pens I think.
Looking forward to your tutorials!

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Laszlo,
Perhaps the cat would have helped my presentation. Thanks for your comments.
Right now I have some magazine ad designs to do for my gallery, but after that I should be able to create a couple of tutorials.