Monday, March 22, 2010

Random storyboard assignments

On the storyboard assignments below I couldn't find the complete set of frames, only a couple of them. I believe that these were done for Doner in Southfield, Michigan. Often they would call me in to work at the agency for a week or so. They are located about 3 1/2 hours from Sawyer, where I live. These trips also gave me a chance to visit with my daughter and old friends in Detroit.

Comps 1147
This was a fun board to do, kids chasing fireflies at night made for dramatic scenes. The frames are simply done and not overworked, which keeps them fresh looking, an important thing to remember when rendering with markers.

Comps 5152

These other two examples are more of the typical assignments that a storyboard artist is asked to do, pretty normal stuff where you can't play around much with drama or color. Not that much fun, but it pays the bills.

Comps 6153


Allen Foster said...

Love the first 3 moonlight scenes Harry, very atmospheric.

Harry Borgman said...

Thanks Allen,
Some assignments just lend themselves to doing something interesting, most do not. It's fun when you are asked to render up unique ideas with great visual possibilities.

Allen Foster said...

Well you certainly delivered on that one.