Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Complicated Animatic frames, Part 1

Often the advertising agencies decide to show their clients animated versions of proposed TV commercials. These are called ANIMATICS and are much more complex for a storyboard artist to create. The frames are much larger and often there are many moving parts. I've done a great number of these, mostly for my New York clients who uisually gave me a week or ten days to complete the project. The examples shown here were done for a product called Goldfish, a snack shaped like a fish.

An overhead shot of a secretary working at her computer. I had to render three or four heads to show movement

The Animatic company, where this film was assembled, would photograph these heads and place them into the frame above.

A scene of a little girl eating Goldfish snacks. I did her feet and hands separately so they could show some movement in the final version.

A mob of swimmers, and below a close up of one of them holding the product.


This commercial had quite a few frames which were rendered in the large 11 x 14" sized. it was fairly complicated, figuring out where the movement should occur, but it came off successfully. On the next post I will show more of the animatic frames.

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