Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quickly rendered storyboards

When an assignment has a terrible deadline a storyboard artist must use shortcuts to complete the job on time, that means loosely done renderings without too much detail. All the frames must be of the same quality, you can't start out with tight renderings and end with very loosely done frames. These frames were done for Y & R in Irvine, California. I received the assignment late Friday and had to be finished on Monday AM. The client was Lincoln Mercury and many of the frames had automobiles in them, there was a total of 65 frames, a very tough assignment.

The script on this particular commercial was about statues coming alive, it would have been a tough one to photograph. The renderings had to be done in 15 or 20 minutes each to get the job finished on time as I also had to scan them so I could deliver them over the internet. You can see how little detail was rendered on the automobile.


It's a crazy, demanding business, and you DON'T miss a deadline !

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