Friday, August 28, 2009

Morning walk, cats & a new painting

A couple of days ago I was taking my usual early morning stroll and I saw this deer eating grass. As I approached it didn't move, it was not at all afraid of me.

In fact, I was able to get just a few feet from it. It was wary, but did not run away. I live in a wooded area and we see quite a few deer. My neighbor said he saw what appeared to be a cougar walking up my driveway one winter evening. He came over and checked the footprints and they were pretty large. There have been rumors of a cougar in our area for some time.

Tiff 8.26.09
Here's my cougar, Tiff, he's a wonderful cat and very smart.

This is Jpeg, a real clown, always good for a few laughs.


Jpeg lounging on one of the beams in my house. That's a new painting that I just finished for my gallery, a better shot is below. This is the fifth painting that I've done for the new series that I'm working on.


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