Monday, August 10, 2009

Comic strips = Rejection slips

Through the years I have frequently come up with what I thought were very good comic strip ideas. The syndicates didn't share my feelings or spare them either. I have more rejection slips than anyone I know.

HS 9
This was my last attempt at submitting comic strip ideas. In the mid 1980's I came up with a strip about a young gal, Hope Springs, her cat, Soto, and a group of her friends, Russell Bushes, Scott Free and Avalon Cincinnati.

HS 8
I modeled Hope after my wife Jeanne. In this rough sketch Hope is chatting with Scott.

HS 10
This is part of the presentation that I sent to several newspaper syndicates.

HS 1
Soto, Hope's cat, would have had a starring roll in the strip. These are some of my rough idea sketches done on tracing paper with a Pentel pen.

Soto was actually my cat at the time, he gave me a lot of ideas for the strip. More on the next post.

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