Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More from the How to Draw Monsters book

Shown here are a few more pages from HOW TO DRAW MONSTERS which was a 38 page paperback booklet. This was the first book I wrote and it paved the way for all the others I later wrote for Watson Guptill Publications.

Monsterman 7

Monsterman 4

Monsterman 5

Monsterman 6

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Frank Robert Dixon said...

I have a copy of your book "How To Draw Monsters". I found it a couple years ago at I really like the way you did the book-- creating the rough sketch and evolving it into the creature I think is the best way to create an original unique drawing. I also am an artist that loves drawing fantasy things-- you can see my art at

Frank Robert Dixon said...

I actually own many books on how to draw fantasy creatures, but the straightforward simple way you did your book "How To Draw Monsters" I think is one of the best.