Monday, August 17, 2009

Another comic strip failure

R Strip
Repertoire was, to me, a fun strip to create BUT it had no main characters and consisted of a series of random ideas that were unrelated. This theme, of course, allows for greater flexibility and freedom in a daily and Sunday comic strip, but the syndicates were definitely not interested in this type of format.

R Strip2
Here's a larger version so you can see the detail better. This type of strip interested me the most as I would probably not have gotten bored or tired of it on a daily basis. Again, this is only one of several strips that I submitted in 1968.
I'll rummage through my garage and see if I can find a few more strips to post.

Below are a few different cartoon art styles that I experimented with.

This drawing was done with a Pentel Sign pen.

"Somehow I always bring out the animal in men !"

A drawing done with a pencil.

I like this loose style very much, the drawing was done using a technical pen.

A fast, sketchy technique drawn with a marker pen.

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