Sunday, August 9, 2009

Craig's party was great fun

CS Posters
Craig Smith had one of his frequent dinner parties last night and it was a success. A few of the gallery artists and a group of art enthusiasts were there, wining, dining and chatting. Many of the guests came from the Chicago area. Above are some of the posters that I have designed for these events.


These are the new paintings that I had finished this week to display at the event.



Charlie Allen said...

HARRY....Checked in usual, too seldom. But nice to get a bunch of your work at one time. I'm always astounded at the diversity and range of your creative talents....just great stuff! And not in the venues I'm familiar with, so all new and interesting. Can't believe you got rejections from the syndicates on Hope, Soto, and friends....considering the truly boring and mediocre strips that fill the comic sections. Don't see them often now, but other than a few exceptions, if anything, they've gotten worse. Thanks again for sharing your work and all the creative energy it represents.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for your comments, they mean a great deal coming from you. I've tried a lot of different areas in the business, I suppose that you could call it "reinventing " myself. I also get bored doing the same thing over and over. It's probably a good thing thing that I didn't sell a strip, I would have gone nuts drawing the same characters over and over again.

Charlie Allen said...

HARRY.....I wondered about that. When first starting out, thought about an 'adventure' strip. Then remembered the endless schedule and would have gone against my psyche, whatever that is. Still....Hope and Friends would have been a total winner. Amazed it was turned down!