Monday, August 24, 2009

"How to..." books

While I was teaching I became interested in writing "How to...." books for art students. I sent a presentation to Watson Guptill Publications and they really liked my DRAWING IN INK book idea and wanted me to go ahead with it. But they first decided that they wanted me to write LANDSCAPE PAINTING WITH MARKERS. They knew that I did a lot of work in markers and the editors thought it would make an interesting book. LANDSCAPE PAINTING WITH MARKERS was published early in 1977 and my second book, DRAWING IN INK, was published later that same year.
When I began the editor gave me some great advice, " You don't need to know how to spell and don't buy a yacht."

Bks HB
Above are a few of the books I've written. Most are out of print but can be found at Amazon or other used book dealers on the internet. Digital Dreams, a book about computer techniques is available from and Pen and Pencil Drawing Techniques is still available new from Dover Publications.

Jap Bk Cov
Here is the Japanese version my Drawing in Ink book. Someone even told me that there is an Italian version although I've never seen it.

The book that really started it all was a small paperback titled HOW TO DRAW MONSTERS that I self-published in 1974 and sold through ads in comic books and at comic conventions.


Below are a few pages of the book. I think that I have a few of these left somewhere, if I run across them I'll sell them on the internet and possibly some of the art from my other books.

Monsterman 1

Monsterman 2

Monsterman 3


J Chris Campbell said...

I'd love a copy of the monster book if you run across any!!

I've done a few monsters but none nearly as great as yours.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi J,
I did find a couple of those books, send me your address ad it's yours. I realize that I did not answer your comment at the time, but send me an Email or whatever and we'll see if I can get the book to you.

ormon grimsby said...

I wonder if have come across any copies of this book. I would love to buy one. I have looked around online but not found any. I grew up with your books in my house as a kid, as my mom had most of them and she would study from them. Then in college at CCS your book on illustration was the recommended text. Thank you for all the inspirational works through the years.