Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cartoon sketches

I have submitted cartoons to magazines such as Playboy and Penthouse over the years and have sold a few. These are some examples of my cartoon idea sketches which I usually draw with a pencil and sometimes with a marker pen.

Cartoon 2089
"Oh, the euphoria of being adored !"

Cartoon 1088
"I'm exudimg sexuality, what are you doing ?"

Cartoon 5092
"To me Benton, you're just fading away"

Cartoon r091
"Bart, your vibes really bother me !"

Cartoon 3090
"Arnold, I think we should uncouple !"

On my next post I'll show you a few recent cartoons from my book ART THERAPY.


Charlie Allen said...

HARRY.....As always, perusing your blogs, I'm just blown away. Don't know why you're not some billionaire cartoonist, too busy to communicate with an illustration blog for all of us to enjoy. Super stuff and super funny....thanks so much!

Harry Borgman said...

Thanks Charlie,
I'm pleased that you like the stuff.
WOW, a billonaire ! I wouldn't know what to do even if I were a millionaire, probably just do what I've been doing all along. I'm just pretty happy to be a thousandaire.