Friday, August 7, 2009

....and still more art for SICK

A few more pieces from Sick Magazine.

Sick Calender

Sick Rich Kid 1
Most of the art that I did for Sick was done in India ink line adding the gray tones with diluted water soluble ink.

Sick Rich Kid 2
Often I would not work from a script, I would think of a theme, do the drawings and a writer would compose a story around what I did.

Sick Rich Kid 3

Sick Rich Kid4
This work was all done during the mid 1960's. It filled in the time between my advertising assignments.

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Ken Quattro said...

Hi Harry,
Thank you for posting some of the work you did for SICK. Just wonderful stuff! Did Joe Simon remember you from your 1946 meeting? And why the pseudonym "The Professor"?
And if I can ask one more question as a follow-up to your Bernard Baily visit: Can you recall why you chose to visit Baily's comic book shop as opposed to the many others that were around at the time? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm fascinated by your career. Take care.
Ken Quattro

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Ken, Thanks for your kind comments.
Yes, Joe Simon did remember me, I guess not many fans took the train out to Minneola, Long Island for an unannounced visit like my friend Herb and I did.
When I did the art for SICK I was teaching at an art college in Detroit, that's when I started signing the art "The Professor". I can't remember exactly why I didn't just use my name, but it probably was because I had been submitting ideas to MAD and had sold a few ideas but no art to them.
I visited Baily because I liked his work on the Spectre and also went to the DC and Timely offices. I don't recall meeting any other artists there. I know we tried visiting other comic strip artists unsucessfully.
We did manage to see a few magazine illustrators as well but I only remember Philip Dormont.