Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random commercial rendering assignments

I'm running out of storyboard and ad agency assignments to post, still searching through old files hoping to find more material. There's not much chance of locating work done before 2000, as the originals were always sent to the client by FedEx. When I got my computer, scans were always sent to my clients over the internet and most of the original renderings were saved.

A rendering for a magazine ad, not sure who the client was or just which ad agency it was done for. It's a marker rendering and quite typical of my work. I like to keep my renderings clean and fresh, not overworked.

Often an art director would request a very tight rendering like this one. The client was Tropicana but I don't recall the ad agency or the art director.

These 5 x 7" storyboards are very typical of my very fast rendering style that I employed when the deadlines were brutal, and many were. I first drew the scene using a technical pen then colored it with markers, a fast method that always looked fresh, most art directors were quite happy with this technique. In all the years that I did storyboards and ad renderings, I never missed a deadline. In fact, missing a deadline in this business will give you one less client to work for.

Assignments like these would often come in a series of perhaps 8 or 10 different commercials that were needed for a large ad agency client presentation. Sometimes they would change their ideas and I would have to alter certain frames or even add new ones. It's not an easy business by any means, but it can be very rewarding.

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