Monday, February 14, 2011

Cartoon for Penthouse

While rummaging through some old files looking for more storyboard frames to post, I found a sketch that was drawn for a cartoon that I submitted to Penthouse Magazine. Just before I moved to Paris I was trying to think of ways I might still have some income from the States as I wasn't sure just what would happen there business wise. One idea that I came up with was to write "How to..." books for Watson Guptill and I submitted ideas to them and they were accepted. The other idea that I had was to submit cartoons to Playboy or Penthouse. I sent some ideas to Penthouse that were accepted and I thought that I had it made. They bought three or four but after I moved to Paris I had no more luck with my submissions.

Penthouse Cartoon1
Here is one of the sketches that were accepted.

Here is the finished cartoon which was rendered using Windsor and Newton Designer's Colors. A fun image to paint.


Mark said...

Terrific work! I have to say that I'm a new fan of yours and glad I discovered your website (via researching covers of vintage sci-fi paperbacks). What a treasure trove here. I'm looking forward to reading everything here!

Harry Borgman said...

Thanks for your comments and also for checking out my blog, I'm happy that you enjoy it.