Friday, May 1, 2009

Working in Paris as an illustrator

This was an interesting assignment from the French advertising agency M.A.O., Akjaly, Stollerman. It was an illustration for an ad for Sogitec Industries, a firm that specializes in producing training programs and storing information and data. The creative director, Ray Stollerman, happened to be an American. We discussed what was visually needed in the ad and I proceeded to work up some rough concept sketches.

19-1 Sogitech Sketches
The rough sketches were shown to the client for approval. They decided not to show the Concord and wanted me to replace it with the Mirage 2000, the latest French military jet.
19-4 Sogitec Comp LO
The client then decided that they wanted to show a cameraman as a lot of their work involves training films.
19-2 Sogitech SKetch
Here is the revised rough sketch.

19-3 Sogitech B+W Sketch
Another rough layout before I began painting the illustration. The client decided not to show the smaller jet, they wanted a train instead.
19-5 Sogitec Art
My finished illustration before corrections. They wanted me to turn the cameraman around and to add some color behind the refinery.

19-6 Sogetec Final Ad
The finished ad as it appeared in the magazines.

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