Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Doing storyboards in Paris

While living in Paris I did work for all of the major ad agencies there. My prime clients were Impact-FCB and Lintas. Most of my work was rendering ad comps and storyboards.

When I would get an assignment it was usually in the form of a worksheet like the one above from Impact-FCB.

17-1 Karting Roughs
When I would pick up an assignment the art director and I would go over the script and I would do a few rough doodles like this to see if we were on the right track. This particular job was from Lintas.

17-2 Karting Final
Most of the assignments, as in the States, had tight deadlines, sometimes I would have to render these rather loosely to get them finished on time.

17-3 KitKatRough
Another work sheet that I sketched in the art director's office. The art directors all wanted to practice their English so I didn't really have much of a language problem. I was also taking French lessons during most of my stay in Paris.

17-4 KitKatFinal
The finished storyboard frames for Kitkat. I also produced a lot of ad comps and some finished illustrations which I will show in future posts.


3243 said...

Those marker drawings...such things of beauty.

I know you currently use Chartpak ADs, but do you remember what markers you used on the above drawings?

Harry Borgman said...

Hi 3243,
I'm pretty certain that I used Magic Markers at that time. I brought a lot of them along when I moved to Paris, not knowing if they were available there.