Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More work from the USA while in Paris

Another assignment from Wayne Alexander, designing the 1981 Renault catalogs for American Motors.

26-1 RENAULTCat roughs
Some of my first thoughts for the catalog cover designs. I was pleased with the last two ideas and was considering a silver color for the cover backgrounds.

26-2 RENAULTCat Roughs 2
Further developments of the idea.

26-3 AM-Renault 1981
The finished cover for the Renault 18i. We hired Dick Martini, a Detroit lettering artist, to develop the cover lettering based on my designs.

26-4 AM-Renault 1981 LeCar
The cover for the Renault Le Car catalog.

26-5 RENAULTCatInt 1
One of my first rough layouts for the opening spread for the 18i catalog.

26-6 RENAULTCatInt 2
Here is a quick color rough layout of the opening spread. I worked up the whole catalog like this which I presented to Wayne. Everything was fine and I went ahead and did comprehensive layouts for the two catalogs which Wayne presented to the client.

18iCatalog 1
This is the comp layout of the opening spread. The whole catalog was done in this form and presented to the client before going ahead with the final photography.

18iCatalog 2
Here is the spread as it appeared in the printed catalog.

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Ravi Bhadauria said...

very good, well done.

I will share this design process with my students too.