Monday, May 11, 2009

Assignments from the USA while in Paris

Here's another illustration assignment done for Wayne Alexander and Company. It was an illustration for an American Motors / Renault catalog depicting historical highlights of the French company.

25-2 RenaultSketch
My very first idea rough pencil sketch. Before starting I had to do extensive research on the subject.

25-3 RenaultRough 1
A tighter version was done next and was showed to Wayne for approval before going to the next stage.

25-4 Renault B&W Rough 2
I then did a tighter rough sketch before doing my final layout comp for client approval.

25-5Renault comp
This is the comprehensive layout that was shown to the client.

25-6 Renault Finished Art
The finished art as it was printed. I had to find proper reference of all the aircraft and cars before I could start this illustration as it would be checked by the company's engineers for accuracy.

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