Friday, May 29, 2009

Art and design for the 1991 Volkswagon catalogs

The interior art for the 1991 Volkswagon catalogs were strong, very graphic black and white ink line drawings. This was a new technique which I developed especially for this project.

30-1 Volkswagon

30-2 Volkswasgon

30-3 Volkswagon
These poster-like graphics worked very well and stood out strongly on the catalog pages.

Blogman Promo 5


Charlie Allen said...

HARRY....Love the VW catalog graphics! Isn't it strange how 'less is more'.....most of the time! This applies to our kind of art, but equally with other art forms....speech, writing, acting, music, etc. The economical but essential symbols you created were more effective than a more detailed literal rendition. Thanks again for the blog.... Chas.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Charlie,
The VW stuff was fun to do, I'm pleased that you liked them. I really enjoy doing graphic design type assignments.