Friday, May 8, 2009

American Motors/ Renault 1980 catalog design and art

While I worked in Paris I was still getting some assignments from Detroit from Wayne Alexander and Company. Wayne started his own ad agency and eventually landed a lot of catalog work from American Motors. This particular assignment was to design the Renault Le Car catalog which was being marketed by American Motors in America. If I remember correctly, Wayne had to come to Paris to show Renault some of the work that he was doing on Le Car. Wayne and I had previously worked together on other automotive assignments and my being in Paris was an ideal situation for him and a lucky break for me.

25-1 AM-Renault 1980
Here is the final catalog cover that I designed, The photography was all done in the US, on some of the catalogs I was also involved in the photo shoots as art director.

26-7 RENAULTCatInt 3
Here are some rough layouts done to establish the content of the catalog. I would discuss these roughs with Wayne before proceeding with the final comp layouts.

26-8 RENAULTCatInt4
A further development of the preceding rough.

26-9 RENAULTCatInt 5
Here is the final comp layout that was presented to the client. This was a complicated spread as I had to do a lot of research on the history of Renault. The catalog consisted of 16 pages and comp layouts were done for every page.

26-10 Renault Bk Cov
Above is the finished art that I did for the rear cover of the catalog, another complicated illustration which required a great deal of research to complete.


Raf.G said...

How did you do the final color on this poster ?

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Rafa,
I painted this illustration in Windsor and Newton Designers Colors on Whatman hot-pressed illustration board. This was not a poster but the rear cover of the car catalog.

Raf.G said...

The 70 % of my color work
was painted with that.
Well ,we work the same medium in a bery diferent way.

grace said...

It been done by professional catalog layout artist.I love it.