Monday, May 4, 2009

More Paris illustrations

Jeanne was already in Paris attending the American College there, I left the U.S. a couple of weeks later. On the airplane I was seated next to a gal from New York, Mary McClean. She was doing the same thing that Jeanne and I were, starting a adventure in Paris. It turned out that Mary would find a job at the college and be in charge of the catalog and other promotion material. So I ended up doing some illustrations for her. These are all from the school catalog and were painted in black and white.
20-6 AmCollParis 2
20-7 AmCollParis 3
20-8 AMCollParis 5
20-5 AmCollParis 1

Below are some ads that I proposed for the school but were never published. The finished drawings were done with a marker pen on rough watercolor paper to achieve a textured line.

20-3 ACP Roughs 2
My initial rough sketches for the ads.

20-4 ACP ad 2

20-1 ACP Roughs
More preliminary roughs.

20-2 ACP ad 1


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