Monday, November 16, 2009

Craig Smith Gallery invitational party

CSposter Nov 14, 09Final
Last Saturday Craig had another one of his great invitational dinner parties, these events are always great fun, The artists and guests mingle and chat and the food is always first class.

Craig was too busy to pose for me, so I took a couple of photos of him doing some last minute things, changing burnt out light bulbs.

Some of the guests enjoying their meal. That's Craig standing by a Dale Threlkeld painting. If you haven't seen his paintings, drop by the gallery, you'll enjoy his wonderful work. Craig displays a lot of great work, his gallery has 4000 square feet of space. Some of the other artists exhibited are Scott Covert, Stephen Moss, Syvia Ziontz and Judy Mullen.

Here's Gloria, glamorous as usual, standing next to my new painting MUSE.

Soe 2
Yesterday Gloria and I had lunch at Soe Cafe in Sawyer, Michigan, a great local restaurant.

They have one of my new paintings on display, this one is titled RECLINING NUDE.

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