Friday, May 29, 2009

Art and design for the 1991 Volkswagon catalogs

The interior art for the 1991 Volkswagon catalogs were strong, very graphic black and white ink line drawings. This was a new technique which I developed especially for this project.

30-1 Volkswagon

30-2 Volkswasgon

30-3 Volkswagon
These poster-like graphics worked very well and stood out strongly on the catalog pages.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More work for the Wayne Alexander Company

27-1 AMC Jeep
As I mentioned in previous posts, Wayne Alexander had a small ad agency and did a lot of work for American Motors. He gave me many graphic design projects as well as a lot of illustration work. When I lived in Paris he used to bring me over assignments every once in a while.
Here is an illustration I did that was used on a brochure cover for AMC and Jeep. It was drawn on a canvas textured illustration board with a marker pen and acrylic washes.

27-2 Jeep
Another cover illustration for a jeep promotion. This was just an ink line drawing with overlays for the colors.

Below is a graphic design project that I did for Wayne, the 1991 Volkswagon catalogs. On these covers I used various strong road designs as backgrounds for the photographs of the cars.
29-1 Volkswagon

29-2 Volkswagon

29-3 Volkswagon

29-4 Volkswagon Page11991
This is the rear cover for one of the catalogs. I did a lot of black and white art for the interior pages which I will show on the next post.
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day 2009


A few more New Mexico paintings

More of the paintings that I did in my effort to find a gallery in Santa Fe.

New Mexico is a very interesting place for an artist, lots of subject matter to paint.


Weather conditions can be very interesting as in this scene where it was raining a few miles away

I prefer painting with acrylics on canvas and also often work in the watercolor medium.


Lots of drama out there !

Friday, May 22, 2009

More New Mexico paintings

Some more of the western paintings that I did in an attempt to find a gallery in Santa Fe that would be interested in representing my art.

31-5 Frijoles Canyon
I found some pieces of pottery down in the canyon and painted them floating in the foreground of this scene.

31-6 Santa Fe Vista
The beauty of New Mexico is amazing. Almost everywhere you look there is a scene that could be painted.

31-7 High Country

31-8 The Black Mesa


My own state, Michigan, is also a lovely place which I enjoy, but the western mountains , buttes and deserts have always fascinated me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Intrigued with New Mexico

I mentioned previously that I had been in New Mexico on a couple of photo shoots for American Motors with Wayne Alexander. Wayne had a small ad agency in the Detroit area and he used me frequently for automotive related graphic design and illustration work. My wife Jeanne usually accompanied me on these outings. We fell in love with New Mexico, especially the Santa Fe area. Santa Fe is one of the largest fine art markets in the country with lots of art galleries. I have always been active in the fine arts and decided to try to do a few paintings and see if I could get one of the galleries to represent me. If I succeeded we would move out of Manhattan and settle in Santa Fe. I had a lot of connections in the ad biz and could still do some commercial work for Detroit, New York and Chicago while living in Santa Fe.
After doing about thirty acrylic paintings we returned to the area and showed my work to several galleries. Unfortunately, I was unable to interest any gallery in taking my work on. That dream suffered a royal defeat. Below are a few of the paintings that I did. A lot of research was involved in doing these works and I really loved painting them. These paintings are based on photographs that I took while working there. It's interesting to note that these paintings were also related to my earlier paintings done for Ford Times magazine when I was just getting started in the business. I'll be posting those in the near future.

31-1 Enchanted mesa
The Acoma Pueblo is built on top of a sandstone mesa and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the U. S. The two eggs are part of a legend of the origin of the place. I don't remember their relevance, but one was a parrot egg. I wrote the legend on the back of the painting which is hanging in the Craig Smith Gallery in Union Pier, Michigan.

31-2 Dusk

31-3 The Enchanted  Mesa

31-4 Santa Fe

NMex 1
These paintings were all done using acrylics on canvas

Being unable to connect with a gallery in Santa Fe was disapointing for my wife and I as we had hopes of being able to move out there and further develop my fine art career. At the time I was gradually moving out of the commercial field and working more in the fine art area.

Monday, May 18, 2009

More 1985 Volkswagon catalog artwork

There were a total of 36 ink line drawings to do that were used in six catalogs. Many of these drawings were quite complex and had to be done under tight deadlines. If I remember correctly, I also went out on the photo shoot to Nevada and New Mexico for some of these catalogs. My wife and I fell in love with Santa Fe and New Mexico in general. We were living in New York at the time which my wife was not fond of after living in Paris. I enjoyed Manhattan, but after a while we both grew a bit weary of the place.

28-4 VW Art

27-8 VW Art

28-1 VW Art
Some of the art was fairly simple, most of it was mechanical and quite complex.

28-2 VW Art

28-3 VW Art

28-7 VW Art
Santa Fe is one of the largest fine art markets in the U.S. with many art galleries. When we came back from New Mexico I decided to do a few new paintings directed at that market and see if I could interest any gallery there to represent me. In the next posts I will show a few of those paintings.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Artwork for the 1985 Volkswagon catalogs

When I left Paris in 1983 and moved back to the States I set up shop in in New York City. I mainly did storyboards and ad comps for all the major ad agencies. At first I worked with my old reps Neeley Mulvey, then worked with the Yellow Brick Road for a few years. I finally had Diane Boston as a rep, she now has a company called Way Art. I was still getting pretty good assignments through Wayne Alexander from the Detroit area. Wayne had a small ad agency that got a lot of work from American Motors. He now had gotten the assignment to produce all of the 1985 Volkswagon catalogs which included the design, art and photography.

29-5 VW Case
Here is the carton which contained all of the catalogs. One of my Paris black and white paintings was used on the box cover. I don't recall doing any of the graphic design work on this project but Wayne wanted me to do all of the ink line artwork for the catalogs.

27-3 VW Art
These were all pretty much tight mechanical ink line drawings of the products. I had quite a bit of automotive art experience so this was right up my alley.

27-4 VW Art
These were all very tight ink line drawings done with a technical pen on illustration board. I don't recall how the gray were done, I may have used Zipatone for these areas.

27-5 VW Art

27-6 VW Art
Good reference material was provided for me by Volkswagon. I will show you more of the artwork on the next post.

27-7 VW Art
This type of art can be quite complex to produce as you might imagine, especially under the pressure of deadlines which were ever present. The art also was checked for accuracy by the engineers at Volkswagon.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More work from the USA while in Paris

Another assignment from Wayne Alexander, designing the 1981 Renault catalogs for American Motors.

26-1 RENAULTCat roughs
Some of my first thoughts for the catalog cover designs. I was pleased with the last two ideas and was considering a silver color for the cover backgrounds.

26-2 RENAULTCat Roughs 2
Further developments of the idea.

26-3 AM-Renault 1981
The finished cover for the Renault 18i. We hired Dick Martini, a Detroit lettering artist, to develop the cover lettering based on my designs.

26-4 AM-Renault 1981 LeCar
The cover for the Renault Le Car catalog.

26-5 RENAULTCatInt 1
One of my first rough layouts for the opening spread for the 18i catalog.

26-6 RENAULTCatInt 2
Here is a quick color rough layout of the opening spread. I worked up the whole catalog like this which I presented to Wayne. Everything was fine and I went ahead and did comprehensive layouts for the two catalogs which Wayne presented to the client.

18iCatalog 1
This is the comp layout of the opening spread. The whole catalog was done in this form and presented to the client before going ahead with the final photography.

18iCatalog 2
Here is the spread as it appeared in the printed catalog.