Monday, November 23, 2009

The battle against time

Storyboard artists know this battle well, it is a battle that must be won every tine we get an assignment. If you have thirty frames to render and can just shave two minutes off of each rendering, you've gained a full hour! Soon the sun will rise and the deadline is fast approaching. One time saver I've resorted to is to do black and white frames instead of full color. Below are a few such frames that I did for Doner in Southfield, Michigan.








I don't recall the Art Director on this assignment. When they had a big campaign to produce Doner would call me in to work on premises for a week or two and I would be working with several Art Directors and writers. In Europe, when I worked in Paris, at various times Lintas sent me to Vienna to work on ad and storyboard campaigns. They also sent me to Madrid, Jakarta and Singapore to teach their staff how to render storyboards. The client also sent along my wife, Jeanne, so we had a semi vacation which included a week in Bali as well. There are not many clients around like that.

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