Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some of my linear sculpture ideas

Here is yet another sculpture brochure that features a few of my linear sculpture concepts, they are all metal and wooden mock-ups of proposed large scale outdoor pieces.

SculptureBro 7  A
The cover of the brochure showing a couple of my mock-ups for large scale works.

ScuptureBro 7  B

ScuptureBro 7 C
The interior pages show several wooden and metal mock-ups of interesting concepts. I lean towards this type of work rather than the normal, traditional ideas of sculpture.

SculptureBro 7  D
The rear cover of the brochure. I really enjoy creating these pieces and will keep submitting them to various competitions and organizations.

Friday, June 25, 2010

More sculpture

This brochure shows some of the masks that I have carved out of various woods. These pieces seem to work best when hung in groups of four or more.

Sculpture6 EXT copy
The cover of the brochure.

Sculpture6 I
These masks were great fun to carve. It all started when my home was being built, the contractor saved some pieces of wood from the beams that were in the house thinking that I might make use of them, which I did.

Sculpture6 INT copy

Sculpture6 E copy
The rear cover of the brochure shows some of the other pieces that I've carved out of wood, the sculpture with my cat is a bronze casting.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another sculpture proposal

We've had a some very bad storms here in Southwest Michigan and have had no phone service, electricity or internet for a few days. Everything is fine now but it was pretty wild last Friday evening, Gloria and I went to an opening at the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph and on the way back the storm hit, several trees and branches were blown across the highway and power lines were down. We stopped at a restaurant which had no electricity, but the ovens were working and we shared a pizza. It's pretty strange when you find yourself without power, phone service and no internet.
The image below is another cover for one of my brochures showing sculptural proposals that I have developed. This one was submitted to the Las Vegas Art Museum.

Sculpturalproposals 5Ex  c
This is a model of my proposal for a garden sculpture group which would consist of six large bronze pieces.

A pencil sketch showing the position of the group on the museum grounds.

Photographs showing other possible configurations for the sculptures. The mock-up was constructed of wood and the pieces were about 12" tall. Unfortunately, my proposal was not accepted, it would have been a great project to complete.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Experimental sculpture

Here are a couple of examples of some of the sculpture projects that I experiment with.


This is actually the cover of a promotion brochure showing some of my ideas.
The piece consists of a large glass prism and a metal structure. When walking around the sculpture the viewer sees various reflections of the constructed framework at the other side of the sculpture. This is a very interesting concept as a mock-up, but probably would be rather costly to construct into a large sculpture


Here are a few different versions of the idea, in some cases I have added a different structure to the piece.


Here are some of my preliminary sketches and another constructed mock-up of a proposed sculpture.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outdoor sculpture proposals

As I previously mentioned, I am running out of commercial related art and design projects to post, but I am still searching and may yet come up with more examples.
In the meantime I have been approached by the Harbor Country Public Arts Initiative to submit ideas for possible consideration for installation of a large outdoor sculpture which would be located in our area. It's an interesting project am I am very excited about the possibility of having one of my sculpture conceptions become a reality.
In the past I have submitted sculptural proposals to various competitions throughout the country with out success and I welcome the chance to try again. Below are a couple of brochures that I designed to show a few of my sculpture designs.



As you can see, these would be rather large pieces constructed of metal. I took photos of one of the locations considered and stripped in photos of mock-ups that I built to show how the final sculpture would appear.


This piece is titled "Dancers" and above are some of the marker sketches that I did for the project as well as a photograph of a different view of the mock-up.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Exhibition at the Scarlet Macaw

BEYOND THE PHOTOGRAPH is the title of the new exhibit at the Scarlet Macaw Gallery in Sawyer, Michigan. For this Group show, I decided to adapt some of my photomontages as parodies of photography magazine covers. Gloria also has three interesting pieces in the show. My covers were all created on the computer which is a natural medium for this type of work. If you are in the area, stop by downtown Sawyer and have a look, it's just off of exit 12 on I-94. Then you can have a nice lunch or dinner at Fitzgerald's across the street from the gallery.