Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Paris paintings and a new series

15-2 ParisPtg2
These paintings were all done using acrylic paints. In these paintings I often used thin washes of paint to achieve the soft effects I was after. I just recently sold these two paintings.

15-3 ParisPtg 3

After doing quite a few fairly realistic paintings I felt the urge to experiment with a totally new approach. I decided to eliminate any brush techniques as well as color and do some paintings using only black and white. This was a interesting challenge in design and proved to be an exciting concept. Below are a few examples of this series.

15-4 B+W Ptg 4
This painting is titled TEXTRA.

15-9 Jeanne & HB
Jeanne and me at the Grande Palais in front one of my black and white paintings. I entered and exhibited in all of the major French painting salons. The painting is titled A SQUARE SELF-DESTRUCTING and was exhibited in the exhibition Grands et Jeunes D'Ajourd'hui 1981.

15-8 B+W Ptg 1


15-7 B+W Ptg 2

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