Monday, April 27, 2009

Advertising work in Paris

One of my clients in Paris was Lafayette Re, they even used some of my black and white paintings in their magazine ads. As I mentioned in the previous post, the company also displayed these paintings in their offices.

16-3 Lafayette Re 1

16-8 LafRe Virtue
Busy Bob Virtue of Lafayette Re was a great client to work with, I actually still work for him occasionally, he now lives in Fort Lauderdale. Jeanne was attending the American College in Paris and that's where I met Bob, if I remember correctly he was a member of the board of directors. Along with his regular ads Bob wanted me to do a comic strip that would run in a few business related magazines. Here are a few of the strips.

16-5 Laf Re comic strip 2
We used Lafayette as the main character in the strip.

16-6 Laf Re comic strip 3

Laf Re comic strip 1 copy
Lafayette Re was an unusual company to work with, I was fortunate to have them as a client.

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