Monday, April 6, 2009

I have drawn a lot of cartoons throughout my career

Throughout my career as an illustrator and graphic designer I have also drawn many cartoons. Cartoons had always interested me and as a young kid I always intended to become a comic book artist. My high school teacher, Margaret Stein, however, steered me into the commercial and fine art fields.

Penthouse Cartoon 1
These two cartoons were done for Penthouse magazine. During this period, my wife and I were seriously contemplating moving to Paris, France and I was trying to come up with ways to earn a living over there and started sending cartoons to various publications. I also began writing "How to" books for Watson Guptill Publications. If I remember correctly, I wrote seven or eight books for them.

Penthouse Cartoon 2
I sold three or four cartoons to Penthouse, but after I moved to Paris I didn't have much luck with my submissions. Luckily I connected with a couple of major French advertising agencies and was kept quite busy doing illustrations, storyboards and ad comps. I'll be posting a lot of the work that I did over there in future posts.

Tarzan 1
I don't recall what this Tarzan piece was done for, perhaps it was just a sample for my portfolio.

Weird Chefs
A sketch of crazy chefs done with a Pentel Sign Pen on layout paper.

Channel 9 mad
A pen drawing done for a newspaper ad for Channel 9 TV in Windsor, Ontario. This is just one of the many advertising cartoon assignments that I have done. This type of assignment is a nice break from the hard-boiled automotive illustrations that I was involved with at the time.


Randall Ensley said...

Harry, I love that Tarzan. This is great that you are posting this art from your career.
Thank you!
Randall Ensley

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Randall,
Thanks for your comment. I'm digging up all kinds of stuff from the past which I'll be posting. As you will see, I've worked in many areas of the commercial art business.

Randall Ensley said...

That is great Harry and thank goodness for the internet, which basically allows me to peruse your collection from the comfort of my art table. I wonder if you ever did any drawings for a story written by a contemporary of yours, William Harrison? Any Rollerball illustrations?
I can't view the enlarged pics when I click on them because they are on a private Flickr account. The TV ad featuring the comic book characters I would like to see larger than the thumbnail. I would also like to make a link to your blog on one of my blogposts if you don't mind. I believe I stumbled upon your art for the first time on science fiction blogsite "io9". I would like more people to see your art and ad work.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Randall,
I never did any art for stories written by William Harrison or anything for Rollerball. I checked your site and the stuff that Peak did is just great. If you'd like to make a link on one of your blogposts, that would be fine. I'll send a larger view of the Channel 9 art by E-mail.

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