Monday, May 3, 2010

Storyboards for Mobil Oil

More Fast storyboards, it seems that all of my storyboard and ad comp assignments had pretty tough deadlines. I had a reputation for meeting deadlines with quality renderings and when Art Directors that were familiar with my work needed something overnight they would call me. Of course, all artists in this field MUST develop a fast, competent rendering style or they are out of business. I know that there are many artists who render frames on the computer, I've tried it a few times, but it always took me much longer than rendering with markers. Often, with markers I would work on several frames at the same time, for instance, rendering all of the sky areas or cars at the same time. I probably could have eventually developed a computer style that could have worked, however.

MobilOil 1



MobilOil 4

MobilOil 5

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