Monday, May 10, 2010

Additional storyboard frames for eToys

Here are the rest of the frames that are part of the previous group, totaling 24 frames. This assignment has more frames than normal, most storyboards consist of 7 or 12 frames. These were done under the usual tight deadline and I did not have the time to render them in color.

eTOYS 13&14

eTOYS 15&16

eTOYS 17&18

eTOYS 19&20

eTOYS 21&22

eTOYS 23&24
These drawings are a bit tighter than I normally would do for my underlay drawings when rendering in color. The gray tones were added to clarify the images.
Storyboarding is a constant battle against time, a battle that one must win to stay in business. After awhile you get used to working under tremendous pressure.

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