Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frazetta: Some works by the master

It was a very sad day to learn of the passing of one of the greats in illustration and art. Frank Frazetta has always been one of my favorite artists as he's created some remarkable art in his career. I dug up some old files to have another look at Frank's work and thought I'd share a few pieces with you.


Ink line drawings were one of Frazetta's specialties.

Frazetta 2

Frazetta 3

I think that this is a very beautiful piece, seems a bit out of place on the cover of a comic book.

Another comic book cover by the master.



Frazetta 8


All I have to say is ...WOW !!!

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Randall Ensley said...

I have had Frank Frazetta on the brain ever since I heard the news Monday. What an inspiration and what great style he had.