Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More from my layout book

In my last post I recommended my book Advertising Layout Techniques for artists interested in layout and comp rendering. I checked Amazon and Google for availability and prices and was astounded at the wide price range from one cent ( yes, ONE cent !!!), twenty cents, ninety-nine cents, all the way up to $133.85 ! Bargain hunters, have fun.


A few years ago I did a brochure for the Premier Corporation in Michigan. The Advertising Manager for Premier was Jim Donahue, a wonderful person who helped me a great deal early in my commercial career. I kept in touch with Jim through the years and did quite a bit of work for him. On one occasion, he even sent me to Japan on a great assignment.

Here are the initial rough idea sketches I did to establish the cover design.

This is the comprehensive layout that was submitted for Premier's evaluation.

The final printed cover, it was a fun assignment as was most of the work done for Jim.


Tris Mast said...

I have always liked that Premier brochure ever since I inherited it from my grandfather, Jim Donahue. He certainly enjoyed working with you, Harry.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Tris,
As you probably know, I first met your grandfather when I started working at Brophy Engraving Company in Detroit when I was 15 years old. It was very fortunate for me as Jim helped me a great deal, I learned a lot from him. He was always encouraging and and had a wonderful outlook on this crazy business. I left Brophy's after I graduated from high school and ran into Jim one day and he told me that he had just started an art studio, Allied Artists, he hired me on the spot and I worked there for several years on some terrific projects that he brought in from various clients. He was always out there digging up great assignments, a super-salesman.