Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rich man's disease

Gout Blog
Yup, even though I'm not rich, I just went through a two week bout with the so called "rich man's disease", gout, BOTH feet, at that. This happens about every four or five years, but usually only lasts two or three days and normally only in one foot. My first encounter with gout occurred while living in Paris, perhaps too much wine and rich food. My dad had it had it pretty bad, it must be hereditary. It's VERY painful, I don't wish this on anyone !

Anyway, Gloria was kind enough to come down from Grand Rapids and baby me. She made meals, forced pills down me and drove around to pick up my mail and did a little shopping. However, she refused to buy a little nurse's outfit from Frederick's that I recommended she wear.
I'm trying to dig up more ad comp and storyboard material to post, as I am running out of stuff. If I can't locate more work, I'll probably post a few demonstrations and more of my new paintings.

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Very funny. g