Friday, May 28, 2010

My best selling book

Book 1
Published in 1977, Drawing In Ink was my top selling book. It is still available on the internet at bargain prices ranging anywhere from 15 cents through $5 and up. If you are interested in ink line drawing techniques pick up a copy, it is full of actual line art assignments done for a variety of clients, for five bucks you can't go wrong.

Line art from the book which was used for an ad advertising my work.

Throughout my long career I have worked in many different styles and techniques and you will find lots of examples in this book.


Vince A said...

This book is so memorable to me because it introduced me to a whole new world (it may have been the first art book I read).

I encountered many words and concepts for the FIRST time: crow quill pen, cross-hatching, Hunt 102, Water-soluble India Ink, Koh-I-Noor, wash, chalkboard(?), sable brushes, Winsor & Newton, Volanta Vulite, commercial artist, Pink Pearl eraser (I have never seen one), kneaded rubber.

(I read it 25 years ago and I can recite the list above from memory )

Your Art and Illustration Techniques was equally memorable to me for introducing me to the world of colors.

Harry Borgman said...

Mi Vince,
Your kind comments are appreciated, I'm pleased that my books were helpful to you. As a young artist I was also quite influenced by the ink drawing books of Arthur Guptill, never imagining that one day I would be writing "How to..." books for his company. Ink drawings were a big part of my commercial art career for many years, it's a fascinating and very challenging art medium.

Daniel Purvis said...

Haha! I borrowed this book from the library just last month to study for my Illustration classes at Uni. Found it extremely useful and many of your tips regarding nibbed pens helped ease my frustrations to no end. Thanks very much for the help!

Funny enough, I came to this blog via other avenues (and have been slyly reading it for seven to eight months now) but hadn't made the connection till this post.

Again, thank you for the help.