Friday, November 27, 2009

Tough storyboard assignments

Some of the toughest and most demanding storyboard assignments one can work on are the automotive ones. Even though boards are quickly rendered because of deadline considerations, the product must be done fairly accurate. Often the ad agency does not provide photos of the cars, complicating things further because you must find reference material which takes away from your rendering time. The Art director may also want to see pencil sketches before you start rendering the frames.

Rava Sktch
An example of one of my rough sketches which I place under a sheet of layout paper and trace for the final rendering.

Subaru 1   copy
One of many storyboards done for Subaru while I lived in New York. My many years of working in Detroit was a great help for me when doing automotive storyboards. I don't recall the ad agency or Art Director, but suddenly one day they closed shop and I lost a good client. Anything can happen in the ad biz.


lorenabr said...

Your art is very good :) you are very talented.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Lorenabr,
Thanks for looking. I've had many years of practice and am still learning.

Laszlo said...

These storyboards are very beautiful combinations of color and composition,sir,were they created from your fertile imagination,I think? And also at the sizes you recently announced?

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Lazlo,
Most of the storyboards frames are drawn up from my imagination because of the time restrictions. When a specific building or area is required I will find photos to use as reference material. Of course, for the automobiles I always must use reference photos.If I remember correctly, these frames were drawn in the 4 x 5" size. On some of the frames that I post I don't have the originals, just photostat copies so I'm not quite sure of the size that they were done.