Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A fun board to do

This was an interesting assignment, although a rush overnight job as many of them were. The art director was Michael Brennecke of Y & R New York. The locale in the commercial was China and they wanted to show a certain area that had a very distinctive mountain landscape. I had to do a search through all my National Geographics and came up with nothing. Time was flying by and I was getting a bit concerned. Luckily, after searching the internet I found the reference material that I needed. These frames had to be in New York the next morning, delivered over the internet. It's amazing how the computer has changed everything.

Brennecke Bds
These storyboard frames were rendered on high quality layout paper using Chartpak Art Markers. This assignment only had six frames, sometimes I would get twenty or thirty to do overnight. There is always a great deal of deadline pressure when doing ad comps or storyboards.

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