Monday, November 9, 2009

Storyboards for Doner

Some of the last storyboard work I did was for Doner in Southfield, Michigan. They used to have me come in for a week or two to work on premises when they had a big campaign in the works. Working in house has it's limitations as you can't bring along reference files and books. It also takes a while to get used to all of the activity that's going on in the agency when you're used to working as a loner. Here's part of a series of storyboards that I did about five years ago. The first two frames are typical of my preliminary sketches.

Strybds Kid 1
Strybds Kid2
It was kind of fun working back in the Detroit area as I could meet with some of my old buddies that I used to work with. I have a daughter that lives in the area as well.

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