Friday, November 6, 2009

Squeaking through the night

15Frames to go
Sound familiar, fellow storyboarders ?
If you work as a storyboard artist in advertising you can relate to this. Artists that do their work on the computer don't get the squeaks.

Smith Barney 2

These storyboards were done for O & M in New York sometime in the late 1980's. The client was Smith Barney and the art director was Parry Merkley. I also did a whole series of ad comps for the same client. In 1983 I came back from Europe where I worked in Paris for about seven years. Yes, they have tough deadlines over there also.

Smith Barney 1
For most of my time in New York my rep was Diane Boston of Way Art. Diane is a delightful person as well as a great rep, she also kept me very busy even after I left NY and moved back to Michigan.

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