Monday, November 2, 2009



For over forty years I did storyboards, hundreds of them, most done under outrageous deadlines. But that's the life of many commercial artists, and it pays well. Often I would have the whole week off to pursue my experiments in the fine arts and the storyboards would arrive on late afternoon Friday with a Monday AM deadline. I quit doing storyboards about four years ago as the deadlines were getting almost impossible. Below are some examples of my work in that field. The first batch was done for Y & R in Irvine California. I had 65 frames to do over a weekend. I had to do each frame in an about fifteen or twenty minutes to make the deadline, so these are examples of my very rough FAST renderings. Remember, I also had to find reference material of specific locations as well. These were all delivered over the internet.


The batch below are from a series of frames done for Holiday Inn, I don't remember the ad agency. Another tough deadline, but I did have the time to do tighter renderings.


In the following weeks I will post many examples of my comp layout and storyboard work.


Chris said...

Congrats on your 1 year blog birthday, Harry! I think I know how you feel, storyboarding is a great career that I'm looking forward to retiring from too! It'll be awhile though. I have to keep the wife in the splendor she's become accustomed to!LOL


Harry Borgman said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the congrats. I enjoyed doing storyboards and work well under pressure, but there is a limit. It seems that the last year I did boards, the agencies were giving me last minute stuff that someone else screwed up. Sometimes they would call me at 9 PM with an early AM deadline, but that's the good old ad biz.
I really loved seeing your great work at Storyboard Central, terrific work, let's see more !

Anonymous said...

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