Sunday, January 30, 2011

A very uncommon event

I was going through some of my files hoping to find more storyboard material to post as I have pretty much exhausted my supply of material. I found a letter that was sent to me by the art buyer of a Chicago ad agency, Lois/EJL. I believe that the attached note was from one of the account executives.
I used to do a lot of work for them, one of their big clients was BASF and often I would be involved in one of their extensive client presentations which kept me busy for several days...and nights. After one of these sessions I received this nice letter from the art buyer, Laura Laube. It was quite a surprise, I'd never had this happen before or since.



A couple of storyboard frames that were part of a large assignment which also included magazine ad comps. BASF is a German chemical company, the largest of it's kind in the world. Lois closed it's offices in 1999, it's sad to lose a great client.

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