Monday, January 24, 2011

Comp layouts for magazine ads

My assignments were not all storyboards, often I would have to render images for a series of magazine ads. These images would usually encompass a proposed ad campaign for the whole year and frequently be double spread versions as well as single page ads, so there could be as many as 24 renderings required. The deadlines were often brutal. These were done for Sony, I don't recall the advertising agency.

Sony 1_ Pittman

Sony 5

Sony 7

sony 4
Here is the single page version and below is the double spread version. The image on the screen was left blank, I believe the agency was going to add the screen image.

Sony 2

Sony 1
Here is another double spread image and below is the rendering for the single page version.

Sony 3

More often than not, these assignments would come late Friday and have a Monday morning deadline, but sometimes I might even have a whole week to do a campaign like this. These renderings were all done using markers on high quality layout paper. They were delivered to the ad agency over the internet and they had to be scanned which added considerable time to the whole assignment.

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