Friday, January 7, 2011

Birdhouse project

The Harbor Country Public Arts Initiative has given 50 birdhouses to local artists to decorate which will be auctioned off at a wine tasting fundraiser on Friday, January 14th. Here is the birdhouse that I decorated and just finished yesterday. It was a fun project and I tried something a bit different by utilizing the computer. I found some old bird and bug engravings and altered them a bit digitally by adding color, then made prints using pigmented inks. The prints were then mounted on the sides of the birdhouse.




BH Small


Anonymous said...

When you love nature this means you love your self and you love the nature. The designs here are really good and the birds will be happy in it.

mark said...

How exactly did you get the pictures to stay on the birdhouse? Will they stay on when you put it outside?

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Mark,
The images are glued onto the wood, then I coated the whole thing with an acrylic spray. I'm not sure just how long this would last outdoors under severe weather conditions. I believe that the bird houses in this auction will be considered as more of an indoor art object by the collectors.