Monday, February 8, 2010

More automotive work

Here are a few frames from another storyboard featuring a car, I think this was for a motor oil product. I don't recall the ad agency or who the Art Director was.




Again, these frames were all scanned and delivered over the internet. If the Art Director needed any changes I could quickly do them any send them back in a short time.


Laszlo said...

nice storyboards here,Harry.I am loving that snow scene and feeling cold at the same time! Now I need a hot drink.
Working fast as you describe, did you usually trace these vehicle pictures for time-saving? and who were your inspiration illustrators?
I think you display great design and practical skills in your work.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Laszlo,
Thanks for your comments. If I could, I would trace photos of the cars. Often I would find a photo of another brand vehicle in the right angle that I needed and then trace it on tracing paper and change the grills or whatever so that it looked like the specific car that was in the commercial.
Many, many illustrators inspired me. I loved Bob Peak's design and color sense, Stan Galli's color and compositions, Robert Fawcett's drawings, and on and on. You can learn an awful lot by studying other artist's work.

Laszlo said...

Thank you for sharing your wisdom,sir.Your work equals the standard of the top illustrators,so your advice is much valued.