Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Automotive related storyboards

Having worked on many automotive ad comp renderings and storyboards, Art Directors would often think of me for automotive-related assignments. Automotive work is a very specialized field and it helps if you've had experience in this area. If an artist has rendered cars in paint it is a breeze to do them using markers, for the inexperienced, cars can prove to be difficult subjects. With the deadlines involved in this kind of work one doesn't have time to make mistakes.






Martin said...

Thanks for showing us all this work,Harry,it's highly informative.I think I've managed to track down all your excellent books now.I really liked your book on marker tecniques, but its a shame that you werent able to show how you rendered people, buildings and cars.Is there any chance you could talk us thru your process for those subjects please? Thanks again for a great blog.

Harry Borgman said...

Thanks for your comments, Martin. In the near future I will do a few step-by-step demonstrations on how to render cars, people and a few other subjects. I've been experiencing a few computer problems so it may be a little while.