Monday, July 6, 2009

More Ford Times paintings

39-5 Ford Times 4 48
Pivot Rock in Arkansas.

39-7 Ford Times 5 48
Wupatki ruins in northern Arizona.

FTSnow Scene
A painting for a story about snowshoes.

39-8 Ford Times 5 48
Jim Donahue, my boss and owner of Allied Artists art studio in Detroit took Herb Schiebold and I on a trip to Mexico in 1947. On the drive down we stayed at the Casa de Palmas Hotel in McAllen, Texas where I painted this watercolor. That's Jim sitting in the chair on the lawn.

40-3 Ford Times 6 48
Here's a decorative version of Kelly's restaurant in downtown Houston, Texas where we had dinner one evening.

40-5 Ford Times 6 48


Tris Mast said...

Not only is that a great painting of the Casa de Palmas, but you included my grandfather to boot. Jim Donahue would be proud to be on your blog. Thanks for the story behind the art.

As I drove across the U.S. this week, the landscape often reminded me of your Ford Times paintings, especially in Arizona.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Tris,
Thanks, your comments mean a lot to me, your grandfather was a great help to me at the beginning of my career. Then in mid-career we did a lot of work together, it was always a delight to work with Jim Donahue.
I certainly enjoyed meeting you and your brother and seeing your mother again after all these years.
Let's keep in touch.