Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Florida was fun

Corvair 3

Lots of great looking Corvairs were to be seen. I also met a writer that I worked with at Campbell Ewald, Fenton Ludke. Fenton and I worked as a special team called PLUS ONE. We came up with new ideas for Chevrolet ad campaigns and were in direct competition with the regular Chevrolet group. I worked with Fenton for about a year before I left the agency to start my freelance career. Campbell Ewald immediately rehired me to work on a very secret project, the announcement ads for the Corvair.

Corvair 2

Corvair 4

Corvair 11
A military vehicle that I think had a Corvair engine.

Treaty Oak in Jessie Ball DuPont Park in Jacksonville and is estimated to be 250 years old.

Gloria and I took a trip to St. Augustine, a very interesting place.

St.Aug 3
Lots of old buildings and shops to browse in. It was quite hot and we were worn out in a short time, it's best to tackle this in the winter. That's Gloria walking by a very old school building.

St.Aug 2

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