Friday, July 31, 2009

More art for SICK

Here is a story I did on odd musical groups. Actually the names are not that far off from reality, in fact, some band names are much weirder than what I have come up with.

Name a group 3-68

MusicGroups 2

This art was drawn on a special surface, Craftint Duotone illustration board, which enabled me to create two different gray tones by washing a special fluid over certain areas. I'm not sure if this illustration board is still available today but it was used by many artists in the 1950's and 60's. I remember Will Elder and Wally Wood of Mad fame using this special surface frequently.

Organic Remains

Music Groups


dbclemons said...

Harry, the Craftint Mfg Co. became Grafix Plastics some time ago. Their boards are called Duoshade and still available. It's a neat effect, but digital shading is more practical now-days I think.

cruise_elroy said...

while they left off "the electric", there indeed was a band called tse tse fly in the uk in the '90s who i enjoyed immensely and once 'featured' on my blog:

fantastic posts here regarding 'sick' mag!!