Monday, July 20, 2009

Back Home !

Gloria and I attended the 50th anniversary Corvair convention in Jacksonville , Florida. I was invited because I did the original 1959 announcement ads as well as designed a medallion commemorating the event. These ads not only announced the Corvair but also launched my career as a freelance artist. That was 50 years ago !!!
The above photo was taken when we took a dinner river cruise, we are just approaching downtown Jacksonville at nightfall.

Here's Chevrolet Historian Dave Newell holding the box and certificate for the commemorative Corvair coin.

There were many Corvairs at the convention, it was great to see them. The design really holds up well.

Corvair 5

Corvair 8
The owners have kept the cars in excellent shape, most look brand new.

Corvair 10

Here are a couple of the announcement teaser ads that I designed and did the artwork for. The assignment was a great way for me to begin my new career.


Charlie Allen said...

Welcome back. Harry.....finally checking in, so you're back before you're gone! I remember Corvair well....and the only Chevy magazine job I did that I liked. Great cats....and a fine name, 'Jpeg'. I suppose an indoor cat could be named 'PeeDF' Disrespectful, I'm sure. Good stuff from Ford Times. They seem to like illustrative design....or simplified, or graphic illustrations.....maybe due to their smaller format? They hired some good artists....including one H. Borgman. Think I remember the rodeo illustration....long time ago! Cheers.... Chas.

Harry Borgman said...

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for your comments as always, I appreciate them. The Ford Times work was some of the first art that I did commercially. It was a fun, exciting time for a 19 year old.